About Us
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Wefarm is a trusted online community where farmers succeed together by sharing farming information and accessing quality inputs
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Our Vision
We are creating a world where every small-scale farmer can connect with the people and resources they need to achieve their economic potential.
A Farmer-first Philosophy
“I like that Wefarm is a farming-only platform where I can ask questions about agriculture and new techniques and by posting only agriculture photos.”Kennedy, Mixed Farmer - Kericho County

Why Farmers Love Wefarm
Wefarm exists to build a trusted platform where independent farms thrive. We are an online community where farmers come together to know more, buy smarter and sell better
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Know More: Share advice, ask questions and learn on farming topics across value chains in groups in our community
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Buy Smarter: See product information and reviews, order online, collect from trusted partner retailers nearest to your farm and earn points
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Sell Better: Understand price information and find markets for your increased production
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Our Story
Wefarm was founded in 2015, initially launched as a pilot project, and later became an independent, mission-driven company, building a trusted digital platform that empowers a global community of small-scale farmers to be more successful.
At first, Wefarm connected over 2.4 million farmers for free and without access to the internet via the Wefarm SMS platform. This was the first technology for leveraging their collective expertise - and pioneering offline tech for the market in 2015.
Today, Wefarm can be accessed online - is free to join and use for farmers and data-free for Safaricom subscribers. The platform enables farmers to share knowledge in different farming groups in the community, and access a marketplace of trustworthy retailers.
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