What can you do on Wefarm?
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Wefarm is where farmers connect with one another and thrive. By making use of Wefarm Community and Shop farmers can know more, buy smarter and be successful
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Our Vision
Wefarm community is a digital space where Wefarmers build connections and access information to make better decisions for their farms.
Join groups discussing topics specific to crops and animals on your farm.
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Achieve more with Wefarm
’I joined Wefarm online from the former SMS and I am happy I can see my suggestions on what I needed to see on the platform live. I am happy I part of the team shaping the future of small-scale farmers globally through Wefarm.”Gladys, Chicken farmer - Bungoma

Why join the Wefarm Community?
What can you do in the Wefarm Community?
Here is what you can do on Wefarm - and we are always adding new functionalities
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Built for farmers to succeed
“I posted in the community asking to get market for my Kales. I put my phone number and someone called me and we transacted.”Abraham Muchuma, Kabuchai Sub-County

Build with Us
We are always building with farmers for farmers.
Help shape the future of small-scale farmers globally - what more would you like to do in the Wefarm community?
Tell us what to build next.
How to join
Sign-up and join Wefarm from anywhere you are in these easy steps:
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What is Wefarm Shop?
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Join Wefarm.com and buy quality farm inputs on Wefarm Shop from agrovets near you
“The convenience in the Wefarm Shop is really great! The products I need are secured ahead of arriving at the agrovet. It’s the only app I have on my phone that I have purchased product through online.”Rawlings Wekesa, Bungoma.

How does Wefarm Shop work?
Wefarmers shop smarter on Wefarm shop in 4 easy steps
Jump into our community to ask questions and reviews about products before buying if you’d like more information.
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Wefarm Points
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Collect points every time you buy on Wefarm Shop to redeem them on your next purchases and get a discount on your total order value.
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“Ukulima wangu umenawiri kwa kiwango kikuu sana tangu nijiunge na wefarm. Nmeweza kutangamana na wakulima wenzangu na hata kujifunza mengi kutoka kwao. Asante sana wefarm.”Mr. Agriculture, Horticulture and Dairy Farmer, Nandi

For Retailers: Join our Network
Are you a retailer? Do you want to join Wefarm’s retail network?
Agrovets who work with us have reported an increase in their revenues, better planning on stocking what farmers need, and greatly efficient customer service and interactions with farmers.
Would you like to join Wefarm retail network and reach even more customers in your area and beyond?
Fill this form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
For Farmers: No retailer near you?
We are always expanding to more regions all the time.
To help us serve you even better, suggest agrovets near you as potential partner agrovets, fill this form
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“The agrovets on Wefarm Shop are authentic! I am sure that the bags of feeds I buy are of good quality and I can’t find the feeds mixed with other things.”Mr. Nyongesa, Dairy Farmer, Bungoma

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.