Getting started with Wefarm

What is Wefarm?

Wefarm is an online platform for small scale farmers. This vibrant community is where farmers share farming information and access quality farming inputs to help achieve their full economic potential and succeed together.

What services and/or products does Wefarm offer?

On Wefarm, farmers come together to know more, buy smarter and sell better.

How I sign up?

Sign-up and join Wefarm from anywhere you are in these easy steps:

Do I have to pay to join Wefarm?

NO, it is FREE to join and use Wefarm. The platform is light and data-friendly. Better, for members on using Safaricom, the platform is data-free.

Is Wefarm supported on all mobile devices?

The Wefarm digital platform is easily accessible on any smartphone and browser.

Which regions does Wefarm operate in?

The Wefarm platform is accessible to all farmers in Kenya to join and use. For shopping, we currently have partner retailers in Bungoma, Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia and Nandi counties. We are always expanding our retail network and will soon be in all farming counties in Kenya.

Who is eligible to join Wefarm?

All farmers are eligible to join and use Wefarm - whether experienced or inexperienced, young or old, male or female. We believe that when farmers work together, they succeed together. And when farmers succeed together, they change the global farming system for the better.

Does Wefarm still work on SMS?

Wefarm does not work on SMS. For richer engagements, farmers are now interacting on Farmers on receive SMS notifications from Wefarm from time to time on activities happening on so they don’t miss out on them.

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