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Farmer holding tray of saplings in one arm and holding hands with a little girl
“Ukulima wangu umenawiri kwa kiwango kikuu sana tangu nijiunge na wefarm. Nmeweza kutangamana na wakulima wenzangu na hata kujifunza mengi kutoka kwao. Asante sana wefarm.”Mr. Agriculture, Horticulture and Dairy Farmer, Nandi

Farmer giving a thumbs up with a sack of feed on their shoulder
“I’ve been posting on other platforms to get market for chicks but I’ve been receiving very few responses. For the short time I’ve posted on Wefarm, the sales of my chicks have really increased, and I can interact with my clients on Wefarm to see how the birds are doing.”Clifford, Kuku’s Kuku Farm, Webuye

Farmer smiling while checking their smart phone
“Nowadays when I need feeds for my chicken, I just go to Wefarm and order, then go to Bungoma Chemist to collect them. I find them already packed and I just have to pay and leave. And the points I accumulate I redeem them to get cash off, which helps a lot.”Rebecca, Poultry Farmer, Bungoma

Farmer leaning into a trough while a cow feeds beside him
“The agrovets on Wefarm Shop are authentic! I am sure that the bags of feeds I buy are of good quality and I can’t find the feeds mixed with other things.”Mr. Nyongesa, Dairy Farmer, Bungoma

Farmer, smiling, resting a tool on their shoulder while checking their smart phone
“Buying on Wefarm Shop is very fast and easy and I am assured I will get my product when I go to the agrovet. When I get to the agrovet, they already know my order so I do not have to spend a lot of time in the agrovet waiting”Grace Nyakoa, Matungu

“The convenience in the Wefarm Shop is really great! The products I need are secured ahead of arriving at the agrovet. It’s the only app I have on my phone that I have purchased product through online.”Rawlings Wekesa, Bungoma

“It would be very tedious if I could no longer shop through Wefarm. I’d have to keep going from agrovet to another to ask for products, not sure I would get them. No one is offering this service where I come from so I am very happy about Wefarm.”Andrew Sahenyi, Kanduyi

“I posted in the community asking to get market for my Kales. I put my phone number and someone called me and we transacted.”Abraham Muchuma, Kabuchai Sub-County

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